When your shop has a bandsaw, you quickly realize that you have a tool that has the capability to increase your productivity, whether you are cutting structural tubing, bar stock, slug cutting to feed your CNC machines, or cutting critical exotic materials destined for use in aerospace applications. When the bandsaw or circular saw quits working, it becomes even more evident! That’s when our band saw repair services are critical!

Whether your shop is focused on producing large amounts of consistent workpieces or looking to craft unique, precision items, your machines need to be running in perfect condition to produce the results you want. TS3 provides comprehensive repair services for the saws and machines in your shop to keep them running productively.

Metalworking and woodworking shops across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota have been relying on us since 2004. Our expert knowledge, combined with our fast access to parts and new or used machinery, helps ensure that you can get back to business as usual quickly.

Our typical band saw repair services range from replacing worn or broken belts to complete overhaul of drive systems, cutting accuracy verification and even control systems modifications. Additionally, we can upgrade your equipment with attachments (like TigerStop® products) to optimize performance in your shop. On-going maintenance and quick, expert repairs will keep your machines running at their best, and for longer.

We specialize in the repair of all major manufacturers of metalworking saws. TS3 provides maintenance and repair for all the names you know and trust – Marvel, Tigerstop, MK Morse and more. If it cuts material, chances are we’ve worked on one. TS3 are either factory trained or factory authorized in many current and former manufacturers in the saw industry.