Machines such as band saws and circular saws are built by human hands. These saws will break. Saws are built with materials that rust, wear and dent. They will need repair. TS3 is a great source for your saw maintenance routine to start. We have the access to OEM parts and supplies to keep your machine in good condition and running like it should. With over 20 years of experience in the sawing industry, TS3 owner Chris Tarvestad has put together the ultimate combination of suppliers to support our customers.

Bandsaw blades from MK Morse are time-tested and proven to be some of the highest quality bandsaw blades available to the industry. With a full lineup of bandsaw blades for cutting everything from wood to exotic alloys, MK Morse blades, tools and accessories are the perfect complement to every sawing operation.

Synthetic Lubricants offers a wide variety of oils and lubricants for sawing and machining. Since 1977, Synthetic Lubricants has been a leader in the research and development of high-performance metalworking fluids. For metalworking, we have the fluids that you need – pure synthetic, soluble oil, vegetable based, straight oils as well as detergents and environmental products.