When you have a need to create a machine or process that does not exist, call TS3. Our experience in the manufacturing industries gives us the ability to offer new and exciting integrations between simple machine tools. Need a cold saw with long travel material feeding? We’ve done that. Punch hole patterns semi-automatically with precision positioning? That too. Simultaneous operation of multiple machines, for example, drilling and sawing? Check that one off too. With our extensive line of saws, linear positioner and length stop systems from Tigerstop, and the knowledge TS3 brings to the table, we can help to offer a customer system integration for your shop too!

For more information about our services, to set up an appointment, or to receive a quote on a machine, contact our office at 612-500-8088. Our service area is typically Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa, however, we welcome orders throughout the USA.