TS3 works with a variety of manufacturers to bring you the best products in the industry. From new band saws to blades and parts for band saws through full automation, we provide shops across the Upper Midwest with quality advice, service, and products. Not convinced? Check out our list of manufacturer partners below.

Elumatec saws, machining centers, and accessories are designed specifically for the aluminum and PVC industries. With precision European design and engineering knowhow, Elumatec saws are widely considered among the top brands available for cutting aluminum extrusions and profiles. Machining centers from Elumatec utilize industry leading software applications to quickly and accurately transform your profiles in to finished parts. Additional products include 3, 4 and 5 axis machining centers, routers, length stop and gauging systems, assembly tables and aluminum welding and cleaning equipment.

Marvel Manufacturing Company, based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, has been a leading manufacturer of a full line of bandsaws, circular saws, and ironworkers for over 100 years. Industry leading metal cutting bandsaws and circular saws are part of the line that Marvel Manufacturing provides worldwide. Whether the application calls for a vertical tilt frame band saw, a scissor type horizontal saw, or a column saw, Marvel saws are the first choice for machining shops and fabricators alike. In addition to a full line of bandsaws, Marvel Manufacturing is also renowned for work flow systems, material handling and high speed carbide saws with cutting rates that are beyond exceptional.

M.K. Morse bandsaw blades and industrial products are the benchmark of the sawing industry. Carbon steel blades for wood and metal cutting, bi-metal band saw blades such as the M42, Challenger and Achiever are the cornerstone of sawing shops around the country, and the Revolution carbide circular blades are a great tool for the high speed carbide saws that produce nearly a mirror finish at phenomenal speed. Over 50 years of experience making better blades – that has been the focus at M.K. Morse, and it shows. MK Morse also supplies high quality hole saws, saws accessories, application support and tools for the sawing industry. The result is a relentless march to improve value.

Pat Mooney – The Saw Company. Their extensive product line includes FMB Band Saws, Nishijimax CNC Carbide Cold Saw Systems, PMI Precision Upcut Cold Saws for Aluminum Profiles, Manual Cold Saws, Kanefusa Saw Blades and Cold Saw Blades. For job site applications, factory work cells and fully automated sawing systems, Pat Mooney supplies solutions.

High performance metalworking fluids from SynLube are a sure fire way to improve processes in machining, sawing and grinding. A full lineup of lubricants: Pure synthetic, Semi synthetic, Soluble oils, EDM fluid, Straight oil and Environments absorbents. Application specific variations for the perfect balance: quality, durability and efficiency. Synthetic Lubricants metalworking fluids help processes including mist and flood applications for machining and sawing cells.

TigerStop is the worldwide leader in stop gauge and material positioning systems for rapid, precise positioning of almost any material. TS3 is a top level supplier of Tigerstop stop gauge, large capacity measurement calipers, and pusher systems. Tigerstop systems have been installed in over 30,000 applications all over the world. With TS3, you can experience Tigerstop at an entirely new level. Systems range from stop systems for field work up to pushers with capacities well over 2,000lbs.

Unist MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) systems and fluids are designed for efficient and precise application to machine tools, saws, and forming processes. By using only the highest quality lubricants at the lowest possible quantities, Unist MQL systems can reduce lubrication costs, create cleaner and safer work areas, and increase tool life and part quality.