TigerStop® LLC, located in Vancouver, Washington, is the global leader in stop/gauge and pusher systems. Founded in 1994, Tigerstop has deep roots in manufacturing industries, serving the wood, plastics and metal industries around the globe. Tigerstop customers have installed over 30,000 TigerStops in a wide variety of factory automation applications. All Tigerstop products are manufactured in the Tigerstop facility using the most stringent manufacturing standards and verification standards.

With a world-class pusher and stop gauge system, you need a strong knowledge base and a good team to get you running at full speed. TS3 is your fully authorized and trained Tigerstop dealer. With direct access to the factory, TS3 has the ability to get your automation project pushed into overdrive.

Tigerstop systems are installed in a variety of applications, such as saws, punch presses, shears, drill lines, table saws as well as a whole host of other manufacturing processes. With our extensive expertise installing and integrating Tigerstop systems nationwide, TS3 is your best resource for everything Tigertop has to offer.

From entry level to fully industrialized, Tigerstop products including SawGear, Tigerstop, TigerTurbo, TigerRack, TigerHD2 heavy duty pushers, as well as sawing systems like the Tigersaw 1000, when it comes to processing material, there isn’t a better choice, period.