Have a Drill Press?

If you have a need for a series of holes, but no budget for a CNC mill or router, you may consider an automated drilling system from TS3 and Tigerstop.

drill press

A drill press is an important tool for every shop. Although most manufacturers may be able to perform many of the drill press’s functions with other tools, almost all of them find that these functions are easier and quicker to accomplish with a drill press, and when the added benefit of a Tigerstop linear positioner, the drill can become a real profit center.

What are the Benefits of Using an Automated Drill Press?

Accuracy: Many manufactured parts call for precisely drilled holes, and a drill press is capable of creating evenly spaced holes of the exact depths, widths, and angles a design demands. A depth-stop automatically prevents the drill bit from sinking too far into the piece of wood. These features result in holes drilled accurately for depth and angle, and the operator can easily repeat the holes throughout the piece of wood or metal.

Speed: Automated drill spindles have adjustable cycle limits and feed rates to allow precise positioning and repeatability. The drill press that has an added feed can create the same type of plunge movement that a complex machining center uses to extend drill life and create holes in metal or wood as required by the engineering specifications.

Add on Positioning: When you have the drill press or mounted spindle, the next step is a positioner. TS3 recommends and installs Tigerstop brand length positioners and stop systems. If the positions required are variable and erratic, the SawGear system is a great solution as a go-to gauge. Simply plug in the dimension of the hole center and press go! The SawGear will move to the desired position and hold there so you can drill at center, the first time, every time.

The TigerStop, TigerRack, and TigerTurbo positioners are all suited for positioning your material for repeatable patterns under the drill arbor. With the ability to be programmed in an incremental or an absolute fashion, the TigerStop controller can be used as a stand-alone, as a semi-auto cell, or with integration help from TS3, a fully automated single axis drilling center at a fraction of the cost of a CNC tool.

Contact TS3 for more information on automated drill positioning.

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