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Make An Automated Drill Press

Have a Drill Press? If you have a need for a series of holes, but no budget for a CNC mill or router, you may consider an automated drilling system from TS3 and Tigerstop. A drill press is an important tool for every shop. Although most manufacturers may be able to perform many of the drill press’s functions with other tools, almost all of them find that these functions are easier and quicker to accomplish […]

Why Onsite Saw Repairs Matter

Why Choose to Have Your Saw Repaired Onsite? Industrial heavy duty saws are the lifeblood of your metal fabricating, machining or woodworking manufacturing shop. Downtime can be costly, or worse, could shut down the entire manufacturing floor. Nearly all of the material needed to manufacture the products we use every day are touched by a saw, and whether it is a band saw or a circular saw, TS3 can help you keep these saws running […]

Automated Circular Saw Maintenance Tips

How to Keep Your Circular Saw Running Smoothly There are many types of circular saws in use today. You likely have at least one in your garage, your workshop, or your place of business. A circular saw is an electric saw that turns a round, flat blade to cut wood, metal, or plastic depending on the specific type of saw and the blade selected. Circular Saw Maintenance Tips Is your blade dull? Always be aware of […]