How to Keep Your Circular Saw Running Smoothly

There are many types of circular saws in use today. You likely have at least one in your garage, your workshop, or your place of business. A circular saw is an electric saw that turns a round, flat blade to cut wood, metal, or plastic depending on the specific type of saw and the blade selected.

Circular Saw Maintenance Tips

  1. Is your blade dull? Always be aware of when your saw’s blade needs to be changed, a dull blade is a dangerous blade. When your blade is dull, you will notice that the cutting is slower and that there’s a change in the saw’s pitch.
  2. Check your electrical cords. It’s important to check the condition of your saw’s electrical cords frequently.
  3. Use oil. To keep your saw running smoothly, be sure to check your saw’s oil levels. When you purchase a saw the manufacturer will provide you with a list of oils they recommend to use. If your saw isn’t oiled enough it will eventually begin to wear on the gearing, strain the motor, and shorten the life of the circular saw.
  4. Frequent Tightening. It is a good habit to go over your circular saw on a daily basis to look for loose bolts, assemblies and guarding. Familiarize yourself with the machine and eventually your daily routine will become a great habit to notice anything different that needs attention.
  5. Keep your saw clean. It is important to clean your saw. Do NOT use compressed air on liquid cooled machines or machines that cut metal. Compressed air will drive shavings and chips from sawing to areas of the machine where they may void the warranty, create service issues, or create difficulties to repair the damage.

TS3 is known nationally for their attention to detail when it comes to applications, sales, and repairs of industrial circular saws. We can help you set and upkeep a maintenance schedule to keep your circular saws in tip-top shape. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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  1. Taylor Bishop
    Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for these tips for maintaining a circular saw. I actually didn’t know that you should check the oil level on a saw to make sure it’s oiled enough. I’m kind of interested to learn if different saws need different kinds of oil, especially those that are much bigger.


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